• July 30, 2011

The St Maximilien Kolbe Fraternity
has new members

Matthew & Elizabeth Sutton
with two of their 4 girls:
Gemma & Edith

Sunday July 10th, at the ICCC, the American Saint Maximilien Kolbe Fraternity wel­comed two new mem­bers. Dr. Matthew Sutton, pro­fessor of Theology at St John University, Queens, NY and his wife Elizabeth have been Heart’s Home USA friends for a couple of years. Recognizing a belonging and a desire to incar­nate the charism of com­pas­sion in their everyday lives, they have com­mitted to "unre­served readi­ness for any­thing, obe­di­ence as per­for­ma­tive love, con­fes­sion as a pro­found way of being pre­sent within God, and the impor­tance of com­pas­sionate engage­ment with the sec­ular world." ( Dr. Sutton’s own def­i­ni­tion of the Heart’s Home mis­sion, July 15, 2009)

The Saint Maximilian Kolbe Fraternities were born in 1997. They are a branch of the Heart’s Home’s spir­i­­tual family, whose mem­bers are lay people living the charism of Heart in the world. They rec­og­nize the charism as a path to holi­­ness and wish to share the mis­­sionary spirit and cul­­ture of com­­pas­­sion of Heart’s Home. They live the adven­­ture of being a con­­soling pres­ence, as that of Mary’s, in their daily respon­si­­bil­i­ties to serve the Church and society.

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