• May 22, 2009

Sister Regine

Sr Regine Fohrer held for 10 years the posi­tion of Recruitment Director. Not only did she look for poten­tial North American mis­sion­aries and ensure their for­ma­tion, but she also fol­lowed them indi­vid­u­ally before, during, and after the Mission so that the whole pro­cess is bal­anced and cor­re­sponds to each indi­vidual.

Besides, she is in charge of the com­mu­ni­ca­tion of Heart’s Home in parishes, school and high school chap­lain­cies as well as in min­istries in the NY uni­ver­si­ties. She con­ducts the School of com­mu­nity on a monthly-basis in Brooklyn. She is also very involved in the mis­sions led in the neigh­bor­hood, espe­cially in the nearby women’s shelter.

Before joining Heart’s Home as a Servant of God’s Presence in 1998, she was a Translation Manager in Ireland, Belgium and Switzerland. She met Heart’s Home in 1995 and did a first two-year mis­sion in Bangkok, Thailand. After taking her vows, she studied Philosophy and Theology in La Castille and man­aged the Heart’s Home Orientation Program in France. She joined the Heart’s Home USA Community in 2005.

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