• January 21, 2016

Sr. Katie K. - Communications Coordinator

Sr Katie, a proud native Chicagoan, never thought she would live here in New York, but…here she is! In Brooklyn since August 2015, she is the first Servant of God’s Presence native to the United States. Excited to begin a new mis­sion here, her nat­ural enthu­siasm and energy have been shaped by her pre­vious mis­sions in Thailand, El Salvador and France. Her first mis­sion in Bangkok, Thailand as a vol­un­teer in 2010, coming at the end of sev­eral years working in fundraising and com­mu­ni­ca­tions, was a turning point for her, and led her to El Salvador to con­tinue dis­cerning with Heart’s Home in 2012.

After a year and a half dis­cerning with the Heart’s Home sis­ters in France, in 2014, she entered the com­mu­nity of the Servants of God’s Presence. She is immensely grateful for this last “spir­i­tual year” in mis­sion, which was a holistic edu­ca­tion that included not only inten­sive courses in the­ology and phi­los­ophy, but also the space and time to live out a deeper silence and prayer life.

Happy to be back on this side of the Atlantic, she is dis­cov­ering that her Bachelors degree in German and pro­fes­sional work expe­ri­ence in com­mu­ni­ca­tions might be of some use to the Heart’s Home team here. Mostly though, you can find her vis­iting friends in our neigh­bor­hood or wel­coming them to our home, grateful to be trying to live out a rad­ical “hos­pi­tality of the heart” here in the Big Apple.

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