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Experience Compassion everywhere

Since the foun­da­tion of Heart’s Home in 1990, we have been trying to listen to those who have the deepest thirst, to those whose life is the most depre­ci­ated, to the most wounded and loneliest people.

Step by step, Heart’s Home’s approach of Compassion has reached many fields, many actors from var­ious social envi­ron­ments.

We not only seek to answer to these new calls and to meet these new needs, we are also con­vinced that these dif­ferent actors can teach us a lot on Compassion. We learn from chil­dren who are, in many places, our first friends. Yet little by little, we under­stand that anyone can be such master of Compassion. We want to deepen our Message so as to dis­cover better how it can apply to every step of life, to every social evi­ron­ment, to each one of us.

We simply want Compassion to be more pre­sent in human hearts.

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