• April 28, 2015

Sports4Compassion: Jesus ran the full!

It’s April and we are all out there giving our bodies some healthy sport. Five com­pas­sionate-hearted friends -in Oklahoma, Texas and New York- made of this phys­ical effort a spir­i­tual and finan­cial sup­portive hand to our min­istry. Thank you Kari, Matt, Peter, Tori and Jesse!

  • Kari Stender: “It’s April 26th and I’ve finished my first half-marathon. I couldn’t be happier for my decision to run this half marathon. This marathon, which is a run to remember the 168 lives taken from one of the worst terrorist attacks in American history. This marathon which reunites a city -my city- year after year. This marathon which reminds us of the Oklahoma Standard-compassion.”
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  • Tori Farrell: "Sweat and sore muscles christened our newlywed months as we trained for a cycling adventure from Houston to Austin to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis & the mission of Heart’s Home. My husband’s love of training people and my friend Kari’s commitment to bringing sports and compassion together, helped encourage me to join.
    The ride was scheduled April 17-18, but flooding caused the first day of the ride to be cancelled. Nonetheless, our bed-and-breakfast was dry, so we set out along a similar path April 17th for our own “training ride” with three other friends dedicating the ride for God. The beautiful two day ride concluded our three month journey of growing closer to each other in fellowship amidst the physical, mental, and emotional struggles and joys we encountered as we relied more on God and saw Him carry us through."
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  • Dr. Matthew Sutton: “On April 12, 2015, I ran the Queens Half Marathon. It was an awesome experience. At the end of the race, it felt like a hors d’ouerve of heaven. Here’s what I learned:
we run for others
we can influence more people than we realize
Jesus makes us new
if our heart is his, we must grow the strength of this heart for him
Jesus ran the extra mile for me
Jesus runs the full
the only way around suffering for others is through their suffering
with others is the only way to finish long and finish strong
friends matter
friends change everything
friends are from God
friends are Jesus Christ
friends show up
friends show everything
friends cheer you on
friends make you smile - downhill and uphill
friends make you run faster, harder, stronger, longer, better ...”
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