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Katie, El Salvador 2013

Sponsor a missionary

Missionaries do not go on mis­sion alone!
With your spon­sor­ship you take part in a great work of com­pas­sion that brings con­so­la­tion and hap­pi­ness to thou­sands of people.
A spon­sor­ship can be finan­cial and/or spir­i­tual.

You may choose to sponsor a Heart’s Home mis­sionary you already know or Heart’s Home will give you the name of a mis­sionary needing your sup­port. In turn, the Missionary will send you a letter every other month, and will pray for you and your inten­tions.

1. Financial spon­sor­ship

It takes $700 per month to fully sup­port a Heart’s Home mis­sionary. This covers: health insur­ance, trans­porta­tion, room and board, living expenses, and training.

You can start helping right now by spon­soring a mis­sionary through a fully tax-deductible dona­tion.

Your sup­port can be a one-time gift or a monthly dona­tion, you can choose to donate online or by check.

2. Spiritual spon­sor­ship

In Heart’s Home, prayer is at the center of our mis­sion, as we believe that only God can truly teach us love and com­pas­sion.

Support a Heart’s Home mis­sionary through prayer; by saying for example one decade of the rosary daily for him/her and the per­sons he or she serves.

3. Who are the Heart’s Home’s mis­sion­aries?

They are young adults who are seekers of God and have decided to ded­i­cate from 14 months to 2 years of their lives to serve the most iso­lated in one of the 46 Heart’s Homes’ cen­ters in the world.

Thank you for your support!
Through your commitment, you really become a part of Heart’s Home’s mission and discover the world from a different perspective!
“I am Claire’s spiritual and financial sponsor, and this brings me great joy and comfort. I feel like I am along with her, helping, loving, and rescuing through her.” (A sponsor)

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