• March 24, 2015

Spokane news:
finding healing in Christ’s compassion

Spokane missionaries

by Jordan Loe, vol­un­teer in Spokane, WA

“Last week, I sat at our little kitchen table with my friend C., dis­cussing her recent deci­sion to dis­cern reli­gious life. She told me softly that her dating life had been rocky and full of mis­takes, and she was won­dering if God was showing her that He had another plan for her life. “I have quite the…past.” She said, staring down at her folded hands. “You have no idea.” Since it was obvi­ously painful for her to be opening up, I pro­posed a walk. As we strode across campus, in little fits and starts and with long pauses, she com­mu­ni­cated the source of her dis­com­fort: she was ashamed of her past, ashamed of what I would think of her after hearing all that she told me, and uncer­tain as to how she could be called to a future of holi­ness.

While lis­tening to her, the urge to remind C. that she was loved grew and grew in my heart. With more eager­ness than elo­quence, I told her that I loved her, that I had no right to judge her and that she would never be excluded from the love of Christ due to past mis­takes. “If we didn’t make mis­takes, we’d never need a Savior, and we DO! He loves us in spite of our­selves!” I fairly shouted, to the immense sur­prise of the bicy­clist nearby. This con­ver­sa­tion moved me deeply. During this season of Lent, we are all reminded of the ways in which we have failed. As we journey toward the cel­e­bra­tion of Easter, we hear sto­ries of Christ’s love in the Gospels, and it seems to have no rhyme or reason. Christ pays no atten­tion to our mis­takes; He loves us in a simple surge of com­pas­sion, which sparks a flow of grat­i­tude in my heart.”

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