• October 17, 2013

Welcome Katherine!

Katherine, Amy,
Mackenzie, Jordan, Kaeli
October 2013

By Kaeli Joyce, Volunteer in Spokane

The leaves have started turning in Spokane, and the five women of Heart’s Home St. Ignatius have set­tled in for the year. Our little home is, of course - as all Heart’s Homes are - a place of sharing, and this season we know the joy of sharing not only with those who join us weekly from the out­side, but also with our new sister of com­mu­nity, Katherine. Those of us who were living here last year are sharing our friends with her, our mis­sion with her, and our daily lives with her. She, in turn, is sharing all these same things with us. Katherine and I are taking a class on Catholicism together, so we reg­u­larly have the oppor­tu­nity to share mean­ingful con­ver­sa­tions about faith, the Church, and what we are learning. Katherine draws me into a sense of peace and pro­vokes me to faith­ful­ness. She has a strong and valu­able sense of order, and I am learning from that as well.

God’s first phys­ical “house” on earth was the Tabernacle that he had the Israelites build Him in the wilder­ness – the word for this place in Hebrew means “dwelling place.” I am always com­pelled by how from the very begin­ning God has wanted to dwell with us, to live with us in our homes. One way I am expe­ri­encing Him here at the edge of Gonzaga University is through rela­tion­ship with my sis­ters of com­mu­nity. I am learning more every day how to live and walk with God as I come into deeper rela­tion­ship with each person in my home.

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