• February 15, 2012

News from Spokane: Being Martha and Mary

Spokane’s new Chapel

by Amy Koreski, from Spokane, (WA)

Heart’s Home St. Ignatius has been blessed with count­less graces since our com­mit­ment in New York. The spirit is truly at work between our homes, stretching from coast to coast, and yet cre­ating the same sense of awe and grat­i­tude.

Our own return home was shortly fol­lowed by the return home of a Gonzaga grad­uate. Katie Infantine returned home from her mis­sion in Ecuador and came to visit us. We, quite lit­er­ally, sat at her feet as she shared with us the love she received in Ecuador. The faces of her beloveds, that she had just left, became a part of our beloveds as well. I was reminded of Martha and Mary and was so thankful to my com­mu­nity sis­ters who were happy to be Martha, while I wanted nothing more than to sit at her feet and soak up her sto­ries and tears, and somehow share in them.

Another huge blessing that has hap­pened this month is the building of a chapel. Our 5th bed­room became avail­able to us, and with the help of some good friends we got to work “building” a place for Jesus. In Heart’s Home our prayer is poor. We do not have elab­o­rate dec­o­ra­tions, nor fancy choirs and words. Through the simple work of our friends and the gifts we each had to humbly offer, I can say truly that our new chapel is a place of quiet sim­plicity and Beauty. As we invited our friends to come over when­ever they want, saying, “we know there are a lot of chapels close by at GU,” a friend responded with, “But this is the only Heart’s Home chapel!” Through beau­tiful prov­i­dence, the day after our chapel was built, we received per­mis­sion to receive the Blessed Sacrament!

Throughout the month we, as a com­mu­nity, have rotated being Martha and Mary quite nat­u­rally, real­izing the impor­tance of each. A variety of friends have given us love and inspi­ra­tion. We have had few din­ners and few com­mu­nity prayers that have not had friends pre­sent. We have been stunned and awed over the thirst and depth of each person we encounter and the way God brings them to us, even without the help of adver­tise­ment.

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