• March 14, 2012

Spokane News: And We Stopped Counting

By Margaret Flynn, Heart’s Home vol­un­teer in Spokane, WA

This month we were blessed with the pres­ence of our vis­itor, Melanie, from New York. She arrived amidst a whirl of activity in our house. The first day she was here we cel­e­brated St. Valentine’s Day with more friends and fun than we could have dreamed of! Over the course of the next week Melanie was able to fall into our daily rou­tine of classes, work, visits with friends, and prayer. Midway through her trip we took her to a Mat Kearney con­cert here in Spokane. To end the visit with Melanie, she led us on a retreat at my parent’s house in the middle of Washington. It was a beau­tiful weekend, with snow falling and a feast of good food always on the table. Our vis­itor pro­vided us with such a good reminder of what it means to be a Heart’s Home.

This month has proven chal­lenging for all of us with our school work but has also been such a blessing with the pres­ence of all our friends. Starting with our Nutella Day Party, to my mother’s visit, Melanie’s visit, all our dinner guests, and our beloved Youth Group friends, we are con­tin­u­ally reminded of the impor­tance of Heart’s Home in our friends’ lives. Last week, during our weekly Sunday brunch, one of our friends stated how glad he is that we exist. At that moment it hit me that I had stopped counting how many people came over to our house. We have friends over every day and it no longer mat­ters how many people we can get to come to Heart’s Home, but rather, what the people who come to Heart’s Home expe­ri­ence here. Our dear friend expressed his grat­i­tude for Heart’s Home in his life, and I real­ized that even if we do nothing for anyone here in Spokane but this one friend, our mis­sion would not be a failure. I am so grateful for the gift to realize that it is quality, not quan­tity that mat­ters: to be a Heart’s Home means to simply be pre­sent.

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