• June 26, 2015

Spokane: A New Commencement!

A Students’ Heart’s Home Center has, by def­i­ni­tion, an essen­tial fea­ture dis­tin­guishing it from the other Centers: their mem­bers ‘grad­uate’ and move on. Consequently, their ‘home away from home’ moves on with them: from a home in brick to a home of flesh in the lives of each one of their mem­bers.
After four years of fruitful, joyful and Gospel-filled min­istry, our Spokane chapter is closing up.
Thank you Amy, Jessica, Margaret and Victoria!
Thank you Mackenzie, Jordan, Kaeli, Hannah and Katherine!
Thank you Samantha, Katie and Maggie!
Thank you for the gift of your­selves to the Queen of all Consolation!

As a Thanksgiving-filled token of grat­i­tute, here is a short account of these four years:

In the words of Amy,
founder member of the Heart’s Home St Ignatius Center

"The first word that comes to mind when thinking of the last 4 years of our little stu­dent Heart’s Home is JOY. So many faces of friends flood my mind with mem­o­ries of shared encoun­ters, little moments of growth through col­lege, and grate­fully appre­ci­ating simple times of living life together. As we slowly dis­cerned that the Holy Spirit was asking us to close this chapter of our home, there was some denial and some fear won­dering “Where will those moments of joy come from now? How will we be able to con­tinue living this charism without this home?” The answer was obvious enough, and through much grace, we came to realize it has always been the Holy Spirit leading our com­mu­nity in this home, he hasn’t aban­doned us, he con­tinues to call us, just in a new way. Our God is a faithful God. He gave us this home and com­mu­nity as a gift and just as easily he will con­tinue to give what each of us needs to con­tinue this journey of com­pas­sion. When we announced our closing, our friends, from our most recent to some of our very first shared in our same feel­ings of grat­i­tude for these last 4 years. As our farewell Mass coin­cided with grad­u­a­tion, I couldn’t help won­dering ’Did it take us 4 years to grad­uate from the Kindergarten of Love?’ Just as a grad­u­a­tion is a com­mence­ment, so too, our lives begin a new chapter. Jordan will move in with my hus­band and I and help us take care of the new baby and help to keep in touch with our friends who remain local. Each member of the past 4 com­mu­ni­ties is going off to a place in Washington and beyond to con­tinue spreading the charism of com­pas­sion we have learned through our time here. It would be impos­sible to express the grat­i­tude we feel to our friends who were the ones to pray with us, study and moti­vate us, share our meals and our joy with us. Thank you for teaching us all about the simple power of love!"

In the words of our friends:

"You have been a won­derful wit­ness to the joy of the Gospel and the mes­sage of Jesus to so many and to the Gonzaga Community. I am priv­i­leged to cel­e­brate the four years with you" -Fr. Hartin

"We are all so sad that Hearts Home will not be an “of­fi­cial” part of The Ministry Institute as you all move in dif­ferent direc­tions. However, you will forever be a won­derful part of our mem­o­ries, our her­itage and our faith, and we know you will bring com­pas­sion and care wherever each and all of you end up in your lives of min­istry." -Shonna Bartlett

"There is of course a cer­tain sad­ness in my heart to think that this chapter is closing...but mostly awe and grat­i­tude for the beauty that has come alive and planted so many seeds through this mis­sion of com­pas­sion." -Jessica Morley

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