• November 20, 2013

Spokane News

By Katherine T. on what her first months as a member of the Students’ Heart’s Home in Spokane have been like so far:

Now that midterms are over, this is an excel­lent time for me to reflect on my first few months at Heart’s Home St. Ignatius. I do not know if I came in with any specific expec­ta­tions, but living here and par­tic­i­pating in our mis­sion with the rest of the com­mu­nity has been a great blessing. This past month, I have been reminded in var­ious ways of the fact that I am the newest and youngest sister of com­mu­nity by far. However, my friends have already become our friends, and everyone else’s friends have become mine, and I love to be able to invite people that I know or meet to our meal times and prayer times, so that they can share with us here at Heart’s Home.

I am still learning little by little what it really means for me to par­tic­i­pate in the mis­sion of Heart’s Home. The most exciting part is the focus on prayer—being able to pray in our chapel when­ever I want, and share in com­mu­nity prayer with the rest of my com­mu­nity and with all of our friends. I also really enjoy being able to share our meals with our friends; I love to cook, and it is exciting to be able to share what I have helped create with others. A few weeks ago, my twin sister sur­prised me by coming to our home for our Sunday brunch, and she helped me with the prepa­ra­tions. It is such a blessing to be able to share our home with others in this way.

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