• April 28, 2010

Some news about the youth group: Building a real friendship !

Junior and Sylvie - NY, February 2010

At the begining of 2008, Sylvie met four young teenagers from the church. They gath­ered together each Sunday after­noon after Mass to play Baseball, watch a movie, talk or visit a place in Manhattan such as Museums or touristic places. Sunday after sunday they built a real friend­ship. Here, Sylvie shares some of the youth group news with us, and explains to us how their friend­ship increases cease­lessly.

Sunday after Sunday, I see Junior’s smile changing and more sure. He is not as agi­tated as he was when he started to come. Now he is part of the group, and every­body con­siders him a member of the Heart’s Home teen’s group.

Since 2008, our little youth group grew up in number and belonging. Heart’s Home gives them the oppor­tu­nity to expe­ri­ence a real and true friend­ship between them, us and the Church. As friends we say the Creed and learn the answers of the Mass. That gives them a sense of what hap­pens every Sunday morning and make the Mystery of the Eucharist more tan­gible, closer...

This friend­ship gives us also the desire to spend time together and to do some­thing, to go some­where, to visit some­body. That’s how we went to visit the French Navy Boat «la Jeanne-d’Arc» making a stopover in NY for few days. Exceptional moments for every­body! For the Chaplain who never had American teens in visit on the boat and obvi­ously for the teens also who had their first visit on a « war­ship ». They were so proud to visit a French Ship. It was like going to France for a moment.

«We went to France, Mom, and came back... every­thing was written in French on the boat... .»

This summer, like last year, we would like to make a Summer Camp in Up State NY at the ICCC. We are plan­ning on a two day camping trip in the coun­tryside with tents and sleeping bags… a priv­i­leged time to grow our friend­ship and dis­cover a dif­ferent reality somehow more real than com­puter and vir­tual games…

Heart’s Home is an International Organization that cre­ates links with people, becoming friend with our neigh­bors, but also with the friends of my friends in the other side of the world. One aspect of the youth group is also to open the mind and the heart of all these teens to other real­i­ties of the world. That’s why we decided to open an account on Facebook to have friends from all over the word and be part of our adven­ture...

Come and join us on Facebook to have some news of the youth group: http://www.face­book.com/people/Yout...


Marionel, Sylvie and Junior in the ICCC - Winter 2010 Ice-skating afternoon - February 2010
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