• June 20, 2018

So, what is friendship?

by Kari S., on mis­sion in Ecuador

     Lately I’ve been reflecting a lot on the mir­acle of friend­ship, and I’ve come to realize how much each of our friends here dwells in my heart. This became obvious for me when I found out that one of our friend’s son died in a motor­cycle acci­dent. I’ve known Señora T. since I first arrived here, but for a year and a half I felt like we were only acquain­tances, just friends, and this merely because she has known Heart’s Home for years and the friend­ship has been passed on through the mis­sion­aries. It was an “or­di­nary” friend­ship. Then, in early May, we got a phone call saying her 25-year-old son had passed away that very morning in a motor­cycle acci­dent. My heart sank. My heart broke. Not because I was close to her son (in fact, I think I’d seen him once) but because of how much I love her, her daugh­ters, her grand­chil­dren, her neigh­bors, and all who were affected by her son’s sudden passing. It was some­thing that really deep­ened what it means to live a life of com­pas­sion like Mary at the foot of the cross. All of a sudden, this “or­di­nary friend­ship” turned into some­thing much deeper. All I wanted to do was check on Señora T. every day, to see how she was doing and to let her know that she’s not alone in her suf­fering. Please pray for Señora T. It’s been a month now since her son passed and she has hardly left the house because she is ner­vous about what can happen out­side her door. She wor­ries each time someone leaves the house, because she won­ders if it is the last time she will see him as it hap­pened with her son.

“So what is friendship? Friendship in its minimal state, is the encounter of one person with another person whose destiny he or she desires more than his or her own life.
I desire your destiny more than I desire my life.
The other reciprocates this and desires my destiny more than his or her life.”
- Luigi Giussani

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