• September 29, 2016

So long, Adios!

On the last warm summer Sunday before Labor Day, we said goodbye to two very dear friends of ours. This year in Brooklyn we have been blessed to wel­come Pawel and Joanna, both from Poland, into our home and our hearts. Both arriving at the same time last year, they are now leaving us at the same time. So what else could we do except say a bit­ter­sweet farewell to both of them?

Originally planned as an “open house”, we ended up spending the whole after­noon together – eating deli­cious food, spending time together and hearing about where both Joanna and Pawel will be headed next. Joanna returned to Poland, and the new adven­ture of “life after the United States”, full of new pos­si­bil­i­ties and recon­necting with the Heart’s Home family in Warsaw. Pawel is now on mis­sion in our newest Heart’s Home com­mu­nity in…Montevideo, Uruguay! If you’d like to find out more about our work there, you can con­tact Natalia at (info heartshomeusa.org).

Thank you, Joanna and Pawel, for this amazing year together. Thank you for your open hearts, and patient lis­tening and incred­ible energy. Thank you for intro­ducing us to your beau­tiful country and helping us to redis­cover our own through your pas­sion for Brooklyn and the whole United States. We won’t say “goodbye”, we’ll just say “so long, until next time!”

“How sweet it is to have a friend that makes goodbye so hard.” The Bombadils

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