• June 20, 2017

Shannon B. - on mission in Japan


I am Shannon, a 23 year-old from Monument, Colorado. For the past five years, my life has been an incred­ible adven­ture written by God. It began at a Steubenville Conference, the summer before I entered col­lege. That weekend my heart and my life were pro­foundly changed. I fell in love with Christ and my Catholic faith. I received the grace and mercy to live a redeemed life in Christ. After I grad­u­ated from Regis University in Denver, CO, I began a year vol­un­teering in East Kentucky repairing and rebuilding homes for people living at or below poverty line. It was during my time in Kentucky that I received my “call within a call” to begin a mis­sion with Heart’s Home in Sendai Japan.

My mis­sion is inspired by the love and ser­vice of Saint Theresa of Calcutta. I yearn to enter into the deep dis­com­fort of the poor and iso­lated. Six years-ago, Sendai was dev­as­tated by a tsunami that sep­a­rated many fam­i­lies. The people of Sendai are still mourning. Therefore, God-willing, I will befriend the friend­less, and be a vessel of Christ’s trans­forming love for the hope­less and the lonely of Sendai.

I invite you to join the Body of Christ and my “net­work of com­pas­sion”. This mis­sion is not meant for me alone. I greatly need finan­cial, as well as spir­i­tual spon­sor­ship in order to carry out this mis­sion. Further, I encourage you to invite others- your family, friends, church mem­bers, co-workers, and strangers into this awe­some “net­work of com­pas­sion” so that it may grow expo­nen­tially. I thank you for taking the time to read about my mis­sion, and I look for­ward to sharing more about it with you through monthly let­ters.

Peace of Christ be with you!

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