• January 6, 2012

Sending-Forth Mass

The sending forth mass, which can be held at a loca­tion of the mis­sionary choosing, is a spe­cial liturgy that offi­cially includes the mis­sionary in the new Ecclesial Movement of Heart’s Home.

This mass will be a public pro­fes­sion of the mis­sionary’s com­mit­ment to the evan­gel­ical coun­sels of poverty, chastity and obe­di­ence for the time of mis­sion. Such a com­mit­ment is sym­bol­ized in the handing over of a Heart’s Home rosary (pro­vided by Heart’s Home) which is blessed during the mass.

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Liturgy of the Sending-Forth Mass :
Rite of Commitment for Heart’s Home Missionaries

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