• August 13, 2015

Savanna B. - Argentina 2015-2017

Hello everyone! My name is Savanna, I am 21 years old, the oldest daughter of only two girls, and from a little southern town called Ponchatoula in Louisiana. I love eating good food, reading good books, and any­thing that has to do with being down the Tangipahoa river in my dad’s boat. I have just recently grad­u­ated this year from Southeastern Louisiana University right out­side of my home­town where I studied evo­lu­tionary biology for four years. I have always pos­sessed an intense attrac­tion to adven­ture and the mys­teries of this world and how all of life somehow has a common spirit. I guess you could say this great attrac­tion led me to study biology as well as leave my uni­ver­sity with more ques­tions than I had starting out; under­standing that life, espe­cially the human person, is one of the world’s greatest mys­teries. A mys­tery, how­ever, that I love and everyday marvel at. I find myself always looking for chances to dis­cover more about people, more about life, and more about who I am.

This has all put me on a path of seeking. Seeking what truly makes my heart do crazy flips, what begins to quench the thirst, and what makes me fall more in love. Ultimately, seeking the heart of God in very con­crete ways. Heart’s Home has been some­thing very rec­og­niz­able and very con­crete to me. I was blessed to encounter Heart’s Home through my best friend who went on mis­sion in Ukraine a few years ago. I was able to visit her and to put it short and sweet, I fell in love with the sim­plicity of the mis­sion, with the power of simple love and com­pas­sion that was con­stantly being given and received! During the summer of 2014, I was blessed again to be able to spend a couple of months with the Heart’s Home com­mu­nity in India. This expe­ri­ence changed my whole being. I encoun­tered love and friend­ship in ways I never have before. Among my com­mu­nity, and espe­cially among the poor, I was taught how to be a beggar and how to truly be poor in spirit. I met the heart of God among the suf­fering. I had to have more.

So, with a deep love for this mis­sion of com­pas­sion and a heart filled with grat­i­tude, I will spend 14 months among the beau­tiful faces of Uruguay! I look for­ward to having my eyes opened even more and to encounter the heart of Christ in every person I meet. To be a pres­ence, to bring authentic love, and to con­tinue to dis­cover the colors of this world. As I wait (basi­cally like a little kid in line to ride a roller­coaster) I pray for the grace to be able to live this mis­sion in the ways God oughts. Let us all share in this mys­te­rious beauty!

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