• February 16, 2012

Sarah F. , Peru 2011-2013

DPT Student in Spokane, WA, Sarah will be joining the Peruvian team in Lima this coming July:

I thought I had my life com­pletely planned out. I was going to earn a human phys­i­ology degree from Gonzaga University, then go straight to grad­uate school for my DPT (doc­torate in phys­ical therapy). However, as the phrase goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” Sure enough, con­trary to my pre­dicted future, I found myself falling in love with the mis­sion of Heart’s Home.

I grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with the most won­derful family anyone could ask for. The awe-inspiring beauty of the nature I was sur­rounded by began my deep-rooted love for God. I have been so lucky to be smoth­ered in this love not only by the nat­ural beauty of Jackson, but also by my family, friends, and local parish. I am incred­ibly grateful for my faith, love and sup­port I have received all my life and want to share it with others.

Being the oldest sister of five, I have always adored chil­dren and find them to be a pure example of God’s love for us. The trusting hug of a little boy, or a small girl’s giggle is where I see God’s love most clearly. I have also seen this love vol­un­teering for hos­pice pro­grams and becoming extremely close with the elderly. We are all beloved, and I cannot wait to help convey this mes­sage to every person I meet on my mis­sion. Everyone deserves a warm smile, lis­tening ear, and loving friend. We are all chil­dren made from love, of love, and for love. I am beyond excited to begin my journey in Peru, and dis­cover what God has in store for me.

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