• January 16, 2018

Rev Paul Anel

A native of France, father Paul Anel (b. 1978) grad­u­ated with a degree in math­e­matics before joining Heart’s Home in 1998. As a full-time vol­un­teer, he lived for two years in a favela near Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, reaching out to the poorest of the poor in the spirit of friend­ship and com­pas­sion that chara­ter­izes Heart’s Home.

Profoundly changed by this expe­ri­ence, he decided to make a life­­long com­mit­­ment to Heart’s Home, and started studying for the priest­­hood. He got a degree in phi­los­ophy from the IPC (Paris) while managing Heart’s Home in Colombia for four years. In 2005, he moved to Rome, where he got a bach­elor in the­ology from the Pontifical University Angelicum.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, since 2008, Paul was ordained a deacon in Brooklyn in 2009, and a priest in Toulon, France, in June 2010. He is in charge of the French speaking com­mu­nity of Brooklyn, offering mass and cat­e­chism classes every Sunday at the church of Saint Agnes. He also assists pas­tors at sev­eral parishes, makes numerous visits to the home-bounds and min­is­ters to young adults in Brooklyn and Queens. Since 2012, Father Paul is the vis­itor of Heart’s Home’s center in Sendai, Japan.

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