• October 8, 2009

Renée K. Orientation Program - Brooklyn, 2009

The most Rev. Steven A. Ferrari and Renée

After a two-week Orientation Program in Brooklyn and her sending forth mass on September 20, Renée left on September 23 to go to India for a 18 month-mis­sion with Heart’s Home.

It was a blessing for our com­mu­nity to spend in her com­pany these last two weeks before her depar­ture. It enabled her to go deeper into the charism of com­pas­sion and to expe­ri­ence life in a Heart’s Home. To us, it was a won­derful oppor­tu­nity to know more about her life as a pro­fes­sional dancer in NY and about her thirst for meaning. Let us listen to her:

“Two weeks of for­ma­tion, only the begin­ning of a heart trans­for­ma­tion. Falling into the rhythm of life in a Heart’s Home. Easier than I thought to let go of my hectic-empty-busy-ness life and soak up the simple details. Each day feeling more full and rich. Discovering the power and ful­fill­ment in being fully pre­sent to each moment. Freely accepting the chal­lenges that come with that aware­ness. Deepening my faith and chal­lenging my heart. Retreating to the ICCC, to its soli­tude and vast fresh air; let­ting all the thoughts settle in and take hold, dis­cov­ering the simple me amidst the pro­found­ness of reality.” Renée K.

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