• February 3, 2010

Renée K., India 2009-2011

Modern Dancer and Freelance Fashion Designer From Van Buren, Arkansas

Heart’s Home found me, I didn’t find them! I was found by a move­ment of people that simply said to me “we are here for you… we see you as God sees you”. At the time I was living not too far from the Heart’s Home in Brooklyn, enjoying my work as a dance artist and teacher but desiring much, much more. I dis­cov­ered a simple unity in the mis­sion of com­pas­sion that drew together my desire to serve and my love of dance. Through my visits to the Heart’s Home and during my for­ma­tion I wit­nessed some­thing in their hearts that caused a burning in my own, igniting my ‘Yes!’ to be a child in the school of love and friend­ship.

India and all the friends whom I served actu­ally served me by opening my heart to love and beauty in a much deeper way. The eyes of my heart slowly began to change their glance, seeing more the mir­acle of life and love in what­ever reality I entered. The reality of a little girl, Preanga, taught me one of the greatest lessons of com­pas­sion. When cradling her close in my arms amidst the filth and noise of her family’s hovel, I had two choices: I could either look upon her life with sad­ness and get caught up dreaming the future I wished for her… or I could remain pre­sent to her in the moment and offer her all my love in the now. And when our pre­cious Preanga got lost in a crowd her family ran to us for help. As true friends we passed the word to all whom we knew in the vil­lage. After one month of sorrow and count­less visits to the side of her family, Preanga came home. Hope lives on!

How often do we waste time dreaming of a brighter future and not loving in the pre­sent! My Heart’s Home expe­ri­ence has con­tinued to guide me in my life and work as an artist, encour­aging me to create and help others to spread a cul­ture of com­pas­sion through beauty; to be as Preanga’s smile upon a world that too often wants to steal it from us. My life now is more about seeing the mys­tery in exactly where I am and being more avail­able to wel­come the mys­tery of another into an eternal friend­ship.

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