• December 24, 2013

Rejoice, my Ecuadorian friends!

Mary visits Elizabeth,
in Guayaquil

By Martin Rodriguez, vol­un­teer in Ecuador

“Re­joice always in the Lord. I tell you again: Rejoice. Let your gentle­ness be evi­dent to all. The Lord is near.” (Philippians 4: 4-5)

These very words of the apostle Paul to the Philippians describe so accu­rately what we live here in Guayaquil –Ecuador- that it is as if they had been addressed from the onset to the “Trinida­dian!" Indeed the people of my beloved ‘Isla Trinitaria’ have been spending this Advent time in a truly evan­gel­ical way: in joy, hope, gen­erosity and avail­ability.

All around us, we can sense that some big event is approaching, that Someone really impor­tant is on the way; and many activ­i­ties help us pre­pare our hearts to His coming. Parishioners, divided in dif­ferent mis­sionary groups, go enthu­si­as­ti­cally from house to house spreading and sharing a cat­e­ch­esis to help each other become more aware of this time of grace that the Church pro­poses every Advent. Each and every house­hold pre­pares their crib, dec­o­rates and paints their houses with bright colors and everyone par­tic­i­pates in parish activ­i­ties that abound at this time of year.

On December 14th, an Advent dec­o­rated car vocif­er­ated all the neigh­bor­hood through that the Christmas Novena and its activ­i­ties were to start the next day: daily cheerful “dawn rosary” at 5:00 am to start each day in the Mother’s atti­tude - the Magnificat; daily crowded Mass at dusk; the cel­e­bra­tion of “Las Posadas” fol­lowed by a play rep­re­senting Biblical pas­sages; and a con­vivial fel­low­ship for up to 150 people to close up each day, pro­vided for by dif­ferent parish­ioners.

The ladies belonging to the Fraternity St Jeronimo Emiliani, close friends of our Heart’s Home com­mu­nity per­formed Mary’s visit to Elizabeth on one of these evenings. They did a great job in helping our hearts expand and grow in expectancy, and avail­ability: the same loving avail­ability of Mary who runs in haste to serve her cousin right after pro­nouncing her Fiat.

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