• September 23, 2014

Reach-out trips to Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana and Massachusets

On September 17, Pope Francis said: “The Church is of her nature mis­­sionary, given to evan­ge­l­iza­­­tion and encounter; that is, she is apos­­tolic. Founded on the Apostles and in con­ti­­nuity with them, the Church is called to pro­­claim the Gospel to everyone, and to show the ten­der­­ness and power of God.” Inspired and encour­aged by this call, and answering to the request of many friends, Heart’s Home Recruitment Director, Sister Regine F., is reaching out to sev­eral cities in the upcoming weeks:

New Orleans, LA - from October 1 to October 8
Chicago, IL and Notre Dame. IN - from October 23 to October 30
Boston, MA - from November 6 to November 11

If you live in these cities or know people who does, get the word going! There will be tes­ti­mo­nials, con­fer­ences, brunches, and many oppor­tu­ni­ties for deep per­sonal encoun­ters.

Join us for a Thanksgiving Mass in New Orleans

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For fur­ther details, con­tact us at info heartshomeusa.org.

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