• April 9, 2015

Randi B. - Ecuador , 2015-2016

This past New Year’s Eve, I was playing games with my family of friends, waiting for the clock to strike mid­night and ring in 2015. I remember won­dering about this coming year, and if any­thing “big” was going to happen. God was prob­ably having quite a chuckle at that moment, because less than a month later I was in con­tact with Heart’s Home. From the moment I stepped through the door of Heart’s Home in Brooklyn, NY for my “Come and See Weekend”, I knew I had found the “big” thing that was hap­pening this year.

I grew up the only child of a single mother in a small town in Kansas. My mother raised me to always put God at the center of my life, which became even more impor­tant when we joined the Catholic Church when I was 11. What a blessing it has been to be a member of the Bride of Christ, and to share in the suf­fering of the Cross, along with the joy of the Eucharist. I was fur­ther blessed to attend Franciscan University of Steubenville, where my faith was deep­ened and I embraced the charism of accepting suf­fering with pure joy, and reaching out to those in their suf­fering. Since grad­u­ating in May 2013, I have been working in Wheeling, WV with at-risk, preg­nant and par­enting teenagers. Working with these beau­tiful, trou­bled young women has taught me to love uncon­di­tion­ally, no matter the cir­cum­stances of a person’s life.

The desire to be a mis­sionary has been on my heart for sev­eral years, begin­ning with my two spring break mis­sion trips to San Diego, CA during my time at Franciscan University. I always knew there was some­thing more that I could do, that I needed to do. Heart’s Home caught my heart, because of their mis­sion to be a pres­ence of com­pas­sion to people in their suf­fering, and their desire to make prayer and the Eucharist the center of their lives. I am very excited and hum­bled to be joining this beau­tiful mis­sion in Guayaquil, Ecuador in September, where I will be meeting Christ in the chil­dren, the elderly, and everyone in between.

Thank you for joining me in this mis­sion and for sup­porting me. Know that you are also in my prayers and that I am forever grateful for your gen­erosity and love.

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