• January 6, 2012


Buenos Aires, Argentina - 2011

Heart’s Home par­tic­i­pates in the prayer of the Church by reciting the Liturgy of the Hours (morning, evening and night prayer). Daily mass, com­munal rosary and an hour of ado­ra­tion are observed by each mis­sionary.

“The Eucharist will be the center of your houses, of your lives, of your hearts. I quote this won­derful pas­sage from a letter written by Isabelle, a Missionary, that enlightens us about the role of ado­ra­tion in every Heart’s Home.
“A time of ado­ra­tion is very impor­tant if we want to rely on God. And this is all the more true as we live in a con­tem­pla­tive com­mu­nity.”

“The more I “con­tem­plate”, the more I meet Him “under the appear­ance of chil­dren”; the more I con­tem­plate, the more I look for Him behind the faces of those I meet, the more He reveals him­self in the heart of des­ti­tu­tion”

“The more I con­tem­plate, the more I find the people I encounter beau­tiful, infinitely loved, infinitely sought after, infinitely lov­able.”

“The more I con­tem­plate, the more I feel infinitely loved, and only those who know they are infinitely loved can freely give evi­dence and man­i­fest this infinite love to all.”

“The more I con­tem­plate, the more I become an instru­ment of mercy, com­pas­sion and con­so­la­tion”

“The people here don’t need the pres­ence of such or such Missionary, but of God”

“So, if I can let myself be filled with His pres­ence in con­tem­plating Him, I’ll be able to serve the chil­dren, as my arms will become His arms, and my look on them will become His look…”

“And, all this is not a matter of having my head in the clouds. It takes place in extremely con­crete sit­u­a­tions, in very little things”

And these times of ado­ra­tion that you’ll spend every day with Mary will pre­pare your­selves to the sac­ri­fice of the Mass, when you’ll give up to God all the des­ti­tu­tion of humanity and all your own des­ti­tu­tion, and let Him trans­figure your lives and the lives of your friends. Then you’ll see that your slums will not be slums any more, but already a part of the Kingdom, as the love you’ll expe­ri­ence there is the same as in heaven. And even­tu­ally, you may not long so much for living in beau­tiful palaces where indif­fer­ence and cold­ness pre­vails. You’ll see how a sight reaching the depth of hearts can trans­figure our vision of the uni­verse!”

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