• May 28, 2014

Planting Seeds
in the Hearts of the Little Ones

by Aaron Peiffer, vol­un­teer in Argentina

“Heart’s Home from the begin­ning has specif­i­cally sought to bring a pres­ence of com­pas­sion to impov­er­ished and neglected chil­dren. Although here in Argentina we min­ister to all - fam­i­lies, the elderly, adults, youth, etc. – the chil­dren still occupy a spe­cial place in our mis­sion. In our work with the chil­dren we seek to aid them and their par­ents as appro­priate in their spir­i­tual and human devel­op­ment. Sometimes this entails tutoring the chil­dren, cooking with them, or an after­noon art lesson. Other times this entails a visit to their par­ents, a time of prayer, or some cat­e­ch­esis. In all things our friend­ship with the chil­dren here requires much patience, love, prayer and con­fi­dence.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how these chil­dren will escape the trap­pings of the villa later in their lives – the vio­lence, the drugs, the immorality, the reli­gious indif­fer­ence, and the broken fam­i­lies. Yet I know that our role here is not insignif­i­cant nor are the dif­fi­cul­ties insur­mount­able, although 14 months or a few after­noons every month may seem like nothing to help a way­ward or strug­gling child already laden with years of neglect. Regardless, we pray for them, love them, and entrust them to God knowing that no act of charity is ever wasted in His eyes. For many of the chil­dren here, the reli­gious, the sacred, the tran­scen­dent, and the divine are not some­thing they con­sciously encounter on a daily or even weekly basis through their fam­i­lies and living envi­ron­ments. Yet many of them retain a strong reli­gious sense; a longing for the divine and an open­ness to ques­tions of faith. I know that we are planting seeds in the hearts of these little ones that, Lord willing, will one day sprout forth in life eternal.”

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