• July 16, 2013

Peru: They simply beam with a true joy

Marc & one of the Peruvian Heart’s Home teams

By Marc Dorneles

Marc had some time in his hands during the couple of weeks he stayed in Lima, Peru, with his wife. He “chose the better half” and came to help us reach out to our friends in La Ensenada and Barrios Altos, the two neigh­bor­hoods where Heart’s Home (Puntos Corazón, in Spanish) is pre­sent in Lima:

“The most striking aspect of the Puntos Corazón family to me is that it is abun­dantly clear that each member of the com­mu­nity is a spe­cial indi­vidual in that they are respon­sive to the Holy Spirit’s move­ment in their lives and its call to mis­sion. It is a vivid pic­ture of the reality of Christ’s pres­ence in the world. To meet these beau­tiful, gen­erous, spir­i­tu­ally alive, young people in a totally random part of the world or even Lima itself, is quite some­thing. To be with them as they pray, eat, plan, encounter and min­ister to the locals and their chil­dren by their pres­ence is even more impres­sive.

God’s grace is often man­i­fested to us in quiet moments and in subtle but pow­erful ways. That is how I felt at ado­ra­tion with the Puntos Corazón family. It was the cen­trality of Christ that ani­mated the expe­ri­ence. I also felt this very strongly vis­iting a poor family in the moun­tains at Puente Piedra. They had beau­tiful chil­dren and it was very moving because I knew that I too, as one par­tic­i­pating in the mis­sion, was living the Gospel and accord­ingly, felt the love of God’s pres­ence in that family and there among us. In a random, beaten up, poor house on the side of a dirt moun­tain in the out­skirts of Lima!

My time vol­un­teering was a chal­lenging and very joyful expe­ri­ence. One that def­i­nitely made me grow. The kind of joy I received from it is the kind that simply cannot be found in nice things or a com­fort­able lifestyle. The “chicos”, as the local com­mu­nity in Lima calls the vol­un­teers, simply beam with a true joy that is over­whelm­ingly obvious, as though they couldn’t hide it if they tried and it is very con­ta­gious!

Like Jesus said to Martha in the Gospels, Puntos Corazón’s Missionaries have “chosen the better half” for the time they par­tic­i­pate and that expe­ri­ence: the dif­fer­ence of having the deep, ful­filling joy that only Christ gives and that the world abso­lutely cannot. My short expe­ri­ence as well, will remain always. ”

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