• January 21, 2016

Pawel G. - Volunteer

Pawel (Paul) joined our Brooklyn team in September and will spend a year in mis­sion with us. He first met Heart’s Home (Domy Serca) in Warsaw, one of our newest houses which has been in mis­sion there since 2012. If you’d like to read more about our work in Polish, please click here. Domy Serca

Born and raised in Zagórnik, Poland, Pawel is proud to be a “neighbor” of one of the most famous Poles, as his town is not far from Wadowice, where St John Paul II was born. Pawel holds a Masters degree in Sociology and Communications, and spent last year working in a nursing home. As part of our neigh­bor­hood outreach team, Pawel is always excited to meet new people. A “seeker of the signs of heaven in our ordi­nary days”, Pawel is grateful to have this year in mis­sion to find God hidden in daily activ­i­ties and new friend­ships. When not busy meeting a new friend, you can usu­ally find Pawel with his camera, cap­turing the beauty of the city.

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