• March 17, 2011

Big party in Senegal

Ana Paula and Elizabeth - American volunteer in Senegal

On March 7th, Ana Paula S. -orig­i­nally from Salvador da Bahia, Brazil- com­mitted to be a Permanent Member with Heart’s Home. Here is how she described this sig­nif­i­cant event in her life, a few days before the D-day:

“Since 2002 my heart and my whole life have man­i­fested the joy of belonging to this beau­tiful family that Heart’s Home is. In 2004, I’ve received in a very deep way the call to offer every­thing I am, my whole life to Christ, through the little and the poor.
I’m aware that this com­mit­ment I’m going to take, this defini­tive ’Yes’ I’m going to pro­nounce, I’m not doing it all alone : I’m inhab­ited by all those who have taught me how to live my life seri­ously, how to love my des­tiny. I’m going to take this step together with all my friends from the Argentinian slum, where every­thing started for me during my first mis­sion, with my friends from Brazil, Ecuador, my friends here in Senegal; because this voca­tion is anchored in my heart thanks to all these people that have been given to me as teachers.
I entrust this mis­sion to your prayers.”

Ana Paula

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