• February 15, 2017

Our newest missionary’s leap of faith

Grace, our newest mis­sionary in Buenos Aires, Argentina, shares with us her incred­ible journey to full time mis­sion:

“You open your hand and sat­isfy the desires of every living thing.” Psalm 145:16

God truly does just that. He wants nothing more than to give us what our hearts desire. In my case, I didn’t think God knew what my heart desired. God’s invi­ta­tion to do a mis­sion with Heart’s Home scared me too much, so I went about looking for a less intim­i­dating plan and told myself that it was more in line with what I wanted.

My plan led me to Buenos Aires, Argentina where I worked teaching English. I began vis­iting the Heart’s Home house once a week, it was a safe way to par­tic­i­pate in the mis­sion, but still keep time for myself and what I wanted. It didn’t take long for me to realize, how­ever, that my heart wanted more, I wanted the whole thing. I decided to take a leap of faith and become a full time Heart’s Home mis­sionary!

After com­pleting the training for Heart’s Home mis­sion­aries in Argentina, my com­mu­nity had a “Sending Forth” Mass for me, right here in the chapel of the Heart’s Home in Buenos Aires. It was the first “Sending Forth” Mass that the house had had in all of its 20 years. One of the bishops of Buenos Aires came to cel­e­brate the mass and I invited sev­eral friends from our neigh­bor­hood. I promised to live a life of prayer and con­tem­pla­tion, a life of ser­vice to those in my neigh­bor­hood, in par­tic­ular the chil­dren, to embrace life in com­mu­nity, and to live in obe­di­ence to the Church.

God used my ini­tial fear to give a beau­tiful gift to our friends here in the neigh­bor­hood, the chance to par­tic­i­pate in the begin­ning of the mis­sion, to hear the promises each mis­sionary makes and share in the joy and excite­ment of this spe­cial event. As one of our friends com­mented after I spoke and thanked everyone for making the day so spe­cial, it was the first time she had heard a mis­sionary give a speech who wasn’t about to leave, since she is accus­tomed to the good bye par­ties that take place at the end of all the mis­sions.

This incred­ible expe­ri­ence has taught me to never be scared of what God wants, because He will never dis­ap­point. It has also taught me to not be afraid of my fail­ures, because even those God can use to bring joy and hap­pi­ness to others. He cannot be out­done in his good­ness and great­ness.

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