• February 25, 2015

Our New Beaming Chef

by Sr. Regine Fohrer

“I have known Patricia for almost seven years. She lives in the women’s shelter we visit every Thursday. For var­ious rea­sons, she has not yet man­aged to find a job and is there­fore unable to leave the shelter. Having invited her sev­eral times to come to the Heart’s Home Center to cook with me, and having real­ized how much she loves cooking, I encour­aged her to look for a job in the culi­nary field. At the begin­ning of 2014, she began training as a chef with an asso­ci­a­tion that helps people strug­gling to find a job. It was no easy task for Pat to faith­fully attend school every single day, to com­mute to the city for her classes and to per­se­vere till the end. We kept sup­porting her until the day she told us with a smile: “My grad­u­a­tion day is approaching! You gonna come?” She handed me the invi­ta­tion and said: “And I just got $100. I would like to invite you to the restau­rant!” We cel­e­brated with chips and burgers at Five Guys. What a joy it was for our friend to be able to treat me with her own earned money!

Graduation day was simply unfor­get­table! I had never seen Pat beaming in such a radiant way. She was standing tall and happy to have been able to finish her training. It was a unique expe­ri­ence which reminded me that each human person needs to be encour­aged and that trust and friend­ship can deeply reveal the true essence of a person. That night Pat was simply great! She was not the shy hidden woman we can some­times see, but she was strong, con­fi­dent and thankful. Many people she trusted believed in her, and she thus began to believe in her­self! This is what we try to bring these women every Thursday; a unique gaze towards them that does not limit them, but which reveals that there is much more to be dis­cov­ered in them!”

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