• May 13, 2011

Sean Scully : first recipient
of Heart’s Home USA yearly Compassion Award!

Heart’s Home Founder,
Sean Scully, Heart’s Home
Art Director

This year, for the first time in the Heart’s Home USA his­tory, we have cre­ated and deliv­ered a Compassion Award to cel­e­brate people whose work ren­ders our cul­ture more human.

To explain why we chose Sean Scully as the first recip­ient, Father Paul Anel (Heart’s Home USA Art Director) addressed the atten­dees with these words:

The very first time I saw one of Sean’s paint­ings, I thought to myself: someone who’s able to make a grid more human and expres­sive than many faces is def­i­nitely someone I should meet. A few months later, I ran into one of Sean’s assis­tants, but he told me: “You know, Sean lives pretty much like a monk, he doesn’t allow his con­tact to be spread out.” Well, I kept inves­ti­gating. I met another artist who had worked with Sean, and he made exactly the same reply: “I’m sorry, but he leads quite a monastic life, I can’t give you his con­tact.” As you might guess, this rather excited my desire to meet him.

Then I hap­pened to see the facade of his NY studio in a doc­u­men­tary. I imme­di­ately logged on to Google street view, found the studio, went there and left a mail in the door slot, praying it would be well received. The next morning I got a very kind email from Sean, inviting me to come to his studio.

We met a few days later, and Sean ended up making up more ques­tions about Heart’s Home than I did about his work! “You and I, he ended up saying, we do exactly the same thing.” I remember you showing me the pic­tures of the 100 chil­dren you sponsor in South America and Asia. You seemed to have for them the same fatherly love you have for your son Oisin.

It’s the same love you pour in your paint­ings, layers and layers of love. I lack words and time to express, not only my admi­ra­tion, but my grat­i­tude for your work. Re-human­izing abstrac­tion you give its heart back to a vocab­u­lary that new gen­er­a­tions of artists will be able to learn. Thus, art will ful­fill its mis­sion to open win­dows of hope in our strug­gling world.

That is why I believe you fully deserve to be the first recip­ient of our Compassion Award.

Sean Scully’s biog­raphy

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