• March 25, 2014

Our century-old beloved grandma!

by Natalia Fassano, Missionary in Brooklyn

“I was born in Puerto Rico on March 3, 1914. I will turn a cen­tury soon, Mami!” Countless times have we heard our friend Doña Beatriz repeat this joyous hope, as we bring her Holy Communion every Sunday to her pro­ject apart­ment.

What a joy did March 3, 2014 brought to us and to the other ‘doñas’ (Catalina, Delia, Virginia, Luz Delia) who we visit in the same neigh­bor­hood and who have been friends with her for over 50 years! Guitar, bal­loons, flowers, deli­cious food, can­dles. And even a bit of salsa! Salsa which brings back strength to her arms and rhythm to her legs, as she sits on her wheelchair, enjoying every note of it: “Oh , it reminds me of my years of youth!”

“One hun­dred years! What is your secret, tell us, Doña Beatriz?”
“Well, I have rarely gotten mad. I took life with sim­plicity.”
“Just that? "
“Well, you know: the Lord is my shep­herd, I shall not want!”

The Wisdom of the humble and little ones!

Right before the party, we all share the Holy Communion Service. What an inten­sity of silence, of inter­ces­sion and fer­vent prayer are these women capable of!
“Ale­gría, Alegría!” (Joy, Joy) sings with all her heart our 100-year old friend as we pro­claim: "Alleluia , Alleluia." Is it deaf­ness that mixes up the words or is it real wisdom that is able to inter­pret its true meaning? That little Piece of Bread which melts in their mouths and inte­grates itself to their bodies is not only the light and strength, the peace and health that our friends pray for, it is the very meaning of their lives. And a life to which Mercy has granted 100 years!

“You bring me the Bread of Life. You are my daugh­ters, my family. May God bless you and pro­tect you!” says Dona Beatriz once more.

May He bless YOU, dear grandma! Happy 100th birthday!

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