• August 24, 2012

Our Youth Group Went Summer Camping!

Ray, a member of the Heart’s Home Youth Group, shares with us the days spent at the ICCC at the end of July.

"Thanks to some gen­erous donors, the Heart’s Home Youth Group was able to go upstate New York and camp at the ICCC for the 4th time. In the past, these same donors also gave us funds in order to watch the inspi­ra­tional movie Hugo which teaches us that God has a plan for everyone and everyone has a part in the great cre­ation that is life. The 2012 summer camp included Laetitia, Marian, and Guillaume, Tim as the adults of the camp and Eli, Ray, Bruce, Junior, Christopher, and Marionel as the guys and Katherine, Isabella, Lily and Thea as the girls. The first day we set up camp, tents, camp­fire, kitchen, sanc­tuary, shower and bath­room. The credit of the bath­room and sup­plies for the shower go to Sister Diana. Ray and Bruce cre­ated the shower while Eli, Marionel and Sister Diana built the bath­room. We all had a great time the second night we went to the prayer/ping pong house and watched the movie Up, it’s a touching tale of how people aim for their dreams and help others along the way by making sac­ri­fices and making bonds.

We prayed the rosary at least twice a day at the shrine of Mary on top of the hill. On that same hill on the third day we had a game called “trouble in the Vatican” in which the guys and girls split up into two teams and searched for envelopes with spe­cial chal­lenges in each once all coded and having a secret mes­sage. We also played cap­ture the flag on that same hill along with a relay race in which we had to dress someone up as a Swiss guard using clothes spin and blue and yellow rib­bons, a three footed race and a sack race. We also took a trip to the lake nearby where there was a canoe and swimmable area; we had a Barbeque and enjoyed the time with everyone from the ICCC. On the last night we had plays to rep­re­sent a specific person given to the girls and to the boys: the girls had Mother Theresa and did a beau­tiful song honoring her and the guys had Pope John II and they did a skit on the shooting of the Pope in which he for­gave his shooter. That night we all had smores, games, songs and an amazing time."

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