• September 19, 2014

Our Spokane Team in NYC!

L-R: Maggie, Jordan & Katie

by Catherine M., vol­un­teer at the Heart’s Home St Ignatius

“Prior to begin­ning our year in the stu­dent Heart’s Home in Spokane, WA, we were invited to Brooklyn for a retreat. While we were there, we prayed alongside the com­mu­nity and also vis­ited their friends in the neigh­bor­hood.

Among the most impactful of my expe­ri­ences was the visit to one of the nursing homes in Brooklyn. On this par­tic­ular day, Cecilia and I vis­ited the third floor of the building. We searched for our friends and greeted the people in the foyer. Suddenly, we turned around to see one of our friends rolling down the hall in her wheelchair, a beaming smile on her face. We spoke with her, and, even though she was unable to speak, she responded to us with bright smiles, nods, and laughs. She beck­oned us to follow her to her room, and there she showed us some of her belong­ings and an impor­tant scrip­ture pas­sage. It was at that point I could not help but notice the pic­ture near our friend’s bed­side: a pic­ture of her and a Heart’s Home vol­un­teer who has since left Brooklyn. I com­mented on the pic­ture and asked our friend if she missed that par­tic­ular vol­un­teer. The smile that had not left her face throughout our whole exchange sud­denly dis­ap­peared as she began to weep silently. It was clear that our friend missed that vol­un­teer. My heart ached for our friend’s sorrow, but at the same time I was over­whelmed with love for our new com­mu­nity. Seeing the effect this vol­un­teer had on our friends cre­ated a deeper enthu­siasm within me for this coming year. I felt so grateful that I could be a part of such an impactful orga­ni­za­tion as Heart’s Home, and live such a beau­tiful charism.”

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