• May 11, 2010

Our Lady of Compassion

“I ask you to join Mary at the foot of her Son’s cross... Your mis­sion is nothing but to stand there, and share in the suf­fer­ings of people to con­sole them, and offer them the most beau­tiful loving smile.” (Rev. Thierry de Roucy - 1991)

The Gospel of St John tells us that Mary was “standing at the foot of the cross” (Jn 19,25).

This devo­tion has its roots in the 12th cen­tury. The title Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows focuses on Mary’s intense suf­fering during the pas­sion and death of Christ. Venerated in the Western tra­di­tion as ‘Our Lady of the Seven Dolors," refer­ring to the seven swords that pierced the Heart of Mary (Lc 2,35), she is invoked in the Eastern churches as Our Lady of Compassion.

Rev Thierry de Roucy has chosen Our Lady of Compassion as the patron saint of Heart’s Home since the begin­ning. In his homily for the sending-forth Mass which took place in France on September 15,1990, he pro­claimed Our lady of Compassion as the patronal feast of Heart’s Home. Our Lady is a model of Compassion for all mis­sion­aries. They are sent to be a pres­ence to those who are suf­fering or lonely, like Mary at the foot of the Cross.

In honor of the 20th anniver­sary of Heart’s Home, a Shrine ded­i­cated to Our lady of Compassion will be built at the International Center for a Culture of Compassion.

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