• September 24, 2013

Our Lady of Compassion and Her Pilgrims

As it is now a yearly tra­di­tion, on the weekend of September 15, the mem­bers of Heart’s Home and numerous friends jour­neyed to the Catskills to honor Our Lady of Compassion and implore her pro­tec­tion. This year the pil­grims came not only from Brooklyn and the Bronx, from Manhattan and Queens, but all the way from Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Arizona!

Many were the pil­grims expressing the peace, joy and ’con­tem­pla­tive expe­ri­ence’ they made. Many were those happy to dis­cover and cel­e­brate a new name for their Mother: Mary, Mother of Compassion.
Some quo­ta­tions to enjoy:

Jason L. (Jesuit sem­i­narian and high school teacher):
“Although I have heard a great many ren­di­tions of Schubert’s Ave Maria, Cheryl’s per­for­mance struck me because of its beauty—not only the line and phrasing and shaping of the notes but because it seemed to be coming from a deep place with an intense under­standing of the meaning of each word as a word of prayer. And it struck me, again, how beauty has this power to arrest us, to pull us out of our­selves, and put us in touch with the divine. For me, lis­tening to Cheryl sing was such a moment, espe­cially as I pon­dered the meaning of those words: the angelic salu­ta­tion, Elizabeth’s cry of joy at being vis­ited by the Mother of the Lord, and the peti­tion that we make to Mary every single time we pray—so many times throughout each day—asking her to be with us in our hour of death.”

Julian L. (Heart’s Home alumnus):
“The pil­grimage was a great way for me to give thanks for my mis­sion in the Philippines and for Heart’s Home. It helped me to remember and pray for all the friends I met on my mis­sion and all the patients I meet in my hos­pital rota­tions.”

Jennie and Jim T. ( Alumna’s Parents):
“Heart­felt thanks for the beau­tiful pil­grimage we expe­ri­enced. It was such a plea­sure to become acquainted with the per­sons who have been such an inte­gral part of our daughter’s life these past 3 years. God brought her to Heart’s Home and gave her the gift of becoming closer to Him through you. And in doing so, we have been ever­more graced by Him, too.”

Willy L. (A friend from Brooklyn)
“In the place where I live, there is a lot of vio­lence. And I per­ceive now that this vio­lence is nothing but a cry for help, a cry for the love, the beauty and peace I have expe­ri­ence here among you today.”

Anna T. (A friend from Queens, member of Communion and Liberation) _“I had to wake up very early to come here today. It’s just a very little sac­ri­fice offered to Our Lady who gives me the hun­dredth fold. This pil­grimage has been a real encounter with Her.”

Ray (Member of Heart’s Home Youth Group)
“Every time I come to this place, I go back feeling much better and renewed. Heart’s Home has indeed become my second family.”

Cheryl M. (Frat. St. Maximilien Kolbe Member):
“Again this year I had the honor of singing Schubert’s Ave Maria in front of Our Lady of Compassion. The expe­ri­ence was so over­whelming as I felt Our Lady singing through me, out over the people before me, through the Catskill Mountains and reaching with her grace out over the planet. I also watched while playing the guitar, as Her Children came for­ward with their rose and heart­felt inten­tions. It was so very moving. A very lovely, blessed Day of Pilgrimage. ”

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