• December 4, 2014

Our Christmas Wish-Need List

As an answer to the ’What do you guys need?’ repeat­edly and kindly addressed to us around this time of year, here’s some of the things we are in need of for our daily lives in Brooklyn and Woodbourne.

If you’d like to treat us/help us with any of these, please con­tact us at info heartshomeusa.org Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless!


  • tablecloths and napkins to beautifully dress our table for guests and feast days (approx. $100)
  • Prayer books (“liturgy of the hour”) to renew our old, 20th century collection (10 books, $40 each)
  • a professional printer for our office needs... & to spread the word! (approx. $2000)
  • an electric kettle to treat our guests to some Japanese tea ($25)
  • new blinds for our dinning-room windows ($60)


  • a pressure-cooker for tasty Sunday treats! ($40)
  • fabric to reupholster six chairs (approx. $200)
  • chainsaw chains ($20 each) and tray ($50)... for our firewood needs at the ICCC!
  • a spade blade to take care of our organic garden ($30)
  • a timber-jack to safely chop down trees in the forest ($80)
  • a stepladder... to reach higher ($70)
  • candles to brighten our chapel, and our prayers (approx. $200 for a year-worth of candles at both our locations in New York).

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