• March 15, 2012

Our Brazilian Village has a new road!

After years and years of unceasing work and fund-raising efforts and, more impor­tantly, with the help of God’s Providence, our «Fazenda do Natal» (Christmas Farm) in Salvador da Bahia has now a brand new paved road!

On the day it was blessed, a deli­cious lunch and a foot­ball match gave us the pos­si­bility to gather mem­bers of our spir­i­tual family, friends, and donors, as well as the laborers and tech­ni­cians who have worked tire­lessly on its con­struc­tion.

May this so-much-longed-for enter­prise allow more people to come and enjoy this beau­tiful place of prayer and silence, so rare in our region.

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