• January 6, 2012

Orientation Program


During this two-week period mis­sion­aries are invited to deepen their knowl­edge of the charism of com­pas­sion. By entering into com­mu­nity and prayer life, going on visits to the neigh­bor­hood and being intro­duced to the texts of the founder, Fr Thierry de Roucy, vol­un­teers realize that they have been included into the Heart’s Home family. This time includes sem­i­nars on the foun­da­tional ele­ments of Heart’s Home by way of reading spir­i­tual authors and the­olo­gians who have con­tributed to this mis­sion of com­pas­sion. In addi­tion, vol­un­teers will meet other Americans also preparing for mis­sion, thus estab­lishing edi­fying rela­tion­ships that will sus­tain them while on mis­sion.


At Heart’s Home Blessed John-Paul II in Brooklyn, NY.


See cal­endar below

For more infor­ma­tion about what to bring or what to expect, refer to the FAQs on the “Come and See” weekend page.

Read Some Testimonies on Orientation Programs

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Orientation June 2010 - Sister Regine
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Orientation February 2011 - Erika
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Orientation July 2011 - Orientees
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Orientation October 2011 - Lisa

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