• October 18, 2011

Orientation Program :
“Beauty will save the World”

Natalie, Lisa, Annie, Courtney & Marian

The third and last 2011 Orientation Program for American vol­un­teers going on a mis­sion abroad has just been held in our Brooklyn Center. Lisa M., leaving for Manila this very week, shared the beauty she expe­ri­enced in these words:

My heart and thoughts con­tin­u­ally come back to Susan, an elderly woman who lives in Brooklyn and is con­fined to her bed. I was given the spe­cial gift and honor of vis­iting her with Melanie last week. As I entered the apart­ment, every­thing seemed as though it was hanging on and could break at any moment. There were boxes, clothes, and random objects every­where. The walls were torn and very unpleasant to look at. There were wires every­where and this looked like a place no one would want to call home. At the end of the hall stood a bed with a very frail lady lying on it. She looked so very worn out and I could not believe she lived in such a place. Almost in an instant she looked at us and the most beau­tiful smile appeared on her face! She was so happy to have vis­i­tors and kept saying she loved her friends. Then she said some­thing that stuck my heart in a very spe­cial way. Susan said “I love you because you love me! I know you love me. I pray for you always, everyday.” She kept repeating this throughout the entire visit.

Then we began com­mu­nion ser­vice and again I could not believe the love and joy Susan showed as she sang “Amazing Grace”. What a voice, so full of love for her Lord! During com­mu­nion right after Susan took Jesus’ body into her­self, we were all quiet. I looked at this woman’s face and she appeared to be in com­plete con­tem­pla­tion. As if she was truly speaking with Christ and time had somehow stopped.

The more I think of that moment, the more the word beauty enters my mind. There is no other way to describe this encounter! To think that love can step into a place that would appear repul­sive or unattrac­tive and make it a place where one wishes they could stay forever is Beauty! Beauty can and will cer­tainly save the world!

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