• July 30, 2011

Orientation Program :
A first taste of the upcoming mission

Peter, Madison,
Lenore, Kari, Tori
& the Brooklyn Team

The Brooklyn Center has wel­comed 5 of the newest mem­bers of our family get­ting trained to leave on mis­sion soon. Here’s their expe­ri­ence in very few words:

“The ori­en­ta­tion pro­gram really con­firmed in my heart that I am fol­lowing God’s will by offering com­pas­sion to His people. I learned a lot from the Brooklyn com­mu­nity, the others in for­ma­tion, and from our friends on how to better love and be loved.” Kari

“If it is true that we learn by expe­ri­ence, and I believe it is, then that is exactly what Orientation was for me. It was a beau­tiful little school of learning love and com­pas­sion not just from talks and texts, but from the others with whom I spent the past 15 days. Orientation: A first taste of my heart’s home mis­sion of loving and being loved after which I fell ready and pre­pared (as much as is pos­sible) to go.” Tori

“During the Formation Program, I have expe­ri­ence being wel­comed into the deeply loving family of Heart’s Home. I have also dis­cov­ered that Heart’s Home is more than a mis­sion pro­gram, but is a way of life, a unique gaze and atti­tude toward life and humanity of com­pas­sion that I am called to live out wherever Jesus calls me.” Lenore

Be per­fect as my heav­enly Father is per­fect. Compassionate love, beau­tiful truth and mer­ciful jus­tice ; we have a call to answer, a role to play and a mis­sion to ful­fill. Having been formed in the charism of Heart’s Home, we have nothing left but to go!” Peter

“Why am I so attracted to this orga­ni­za­tion? Not only is it the won­derful and simple mis­sion of spreading com­pas­sion that attracts me, but the very teach­ings that Heart’s Home is founded upon cor­re­sponds with that which is in my heart. It was also won­derful to expe­ri­ence a taste of what com­mu­nity life will be like when I leave for my mis­sion. We cooked, cleaned, and went on apos­to­lates together, just as I will be doing in a couple months in the Ukraine. It was won­derful to get to know my fellow brother and sis­ters who will be going on mis­sion soon as well.. And of course, we could have never sur­vived without the daily sacra­ments and rosary.” Madison

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