• November 26, 2013

A nourshing experience!

By Jennifer G.

Three days before the end of my ori­en­ta­tion time, I found myself won­dering how on earth I was going to be able to sum­ma­rize this expe­ri­ence for friends and family back home. There’s so much to say! How can it pos­sibly be con­densed?! After much thought and many attempts to sum­ma­rize it, I found there is one word that is very fit­ting... Nourishing. The expe­ri­ence was very nour­ishing, in so many ways.

It was nour­ishing for the soul, as we had daily prayer, mass, ado­ra­tion, and rosary. It was nour­ishing for the mind and spirit in that we had sev­eral talks and dis­cus­sions on seem­ingly every topic under the sun: Spirituality, Adoration, Prayer, Poverty, Chastity, Obedience, Human Dignity, Inculturation, Community, even using Internet, blogs, and pho­tog­raphy as an exten­sion of our mis­sion. Very thought-pro­voking topics. What’s more is that the pre­sen­ters of the topics were not preaching at us, they were sharing with us some­thing that they found truly beau­tiful and worth dis­cussing.

Orientation was also nour­ishing for the heart. After all, it’s Heart’s Home we’re talking about! The expe­ri­ences during ori­en­ta­tion stretched my heart, but also revealed to me that I have this love bursting from within me that I just want to share! This amazing love that comes from Christ him­self! This love that I am being called to share and give of freely. I knew I had love to give, but I had no idea how much love!

I left ori­en­ta­tion feeling ready and excited to begin my mis­sion in Ukraine. It was a won­der­fully nour­ishing two weeks!

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