• December 14, 2017

Only one thing is necessary

by Kelsey B., on mis­sion in our Brazilian Heart’s Home vil­lage, Fazenda do Natal

     I live in the home of St. Michael (each home has a Patron) with Luis, a French lay-con­se­crated member, Ania, a Polish vol­un­teer, Roseanne, a Brazilian girl, and Diego, a Brazilian man that is severely dis­abled since birth. I should say that I live in Diego’s home as he has lived here at the Fazenda for 20 years after being taken in from an orphanage at 10. Diego (called Didi) cannot speak with words, but com­mu­ni­cates plenty and has a very deep gaze. One per­ceives the Infinite in his eyes. It is incred­ible to meet his pro­found gaze and con­sider all that he has seen here at the Fazenda, how many people have cared from him, how many people he has loved. He must be the most patient and accepting person here in his depen­dence on others! In return, Didi requires only one thing: con­stant pres­ence. If he is left alone he begins to make noises until accom­pa­nied again.

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