• November 27, 2013

Online Shopping or Searching turned into Donations!

Add the iGive Button for Free and never miss a don­a­­tion to sup­port Heart’s Home when you shop or even search online!

iGive is giving Heart’s Home USA $5 for every person who joins for free before Cyber Monday (December 2)

The iGive Button makes it really, really simple.

It auto­mat­i­cally makes sure that a por­tion of pur­chases at over 1,000 stores means a free dona­tion to Heart’s Home USA. Shopping = Giving year ’round. The Button makes sure every pur­chase counts, even if you forget.

iGive is com­pletely free, all costs are paid for by the stores. There’s 1,403 socially-respon­sible online stores - like Amazon, Macys, jcpenney, Dell, HSN, Nordstrom, and lots, lots more - helping to make dona­tions happen.

Just by installing the button before December 2, you raise $5 for our mis­sion.

Hope you’ll give it a try. Here’s the spe­cial link: http://iGive.com/wel­come/warmwelcom....

Thank you for your sup­port.

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