• May 28, 2013

On Trinity Sunday,
a Trinity of new Frat Max members!!

L-R: Erica, Kari & Tori

"Today, more than ever, I want to give wit­ness of my love for Christ and make it pre­sent by com­mit­ting myself to the Fraternity of Saint Maximilian Kolbe, within Heart’s Home."

With such words, three Heart’s Home alumni have each acknowl­edged and declared more fully their belonging to this spir­i­tual family.

Erica Tighe:

The moment that I first heard of Heart’s Home, my own heart leapt towards the charism. To this day, I still cannot explain the moment. I went to the Come and See weekend and upon opening the door, that same leap occurred again. I have always felt that God chose the mis­sion for me, not only for my time in Brazil, but for my life. Joining the Fraternity of Maximilian Kolbe this weekend was a simple ‘yes’ to live the charism of com­pas­sion that God called me to live three years ago and calls me to live every day. Sunday was a day of such joy sur­rounded by so many beau­tiful people that have accom­pa­nied me on my journey to the foot of the cross and promise to con­tinue sup­porting and loving me. It was a day over­flowing in the deep friend­ships that are the fruit of Heart’s Home’s work.

Kari Stender:

"By com­mit­ting to the Fraternity of St Maximilien Kolbe, I have chosen to con­tinue to embrace the charism of com­pas­sion and to live it out in my daily life, con­stantly remem­bering all the lessons on how to love that my friends in Peru taught me."

Tori Pfeffer:

"I want to carry into my simple, daily life the beauty of the mis­sion I lived with Heart’s Home in Honduras and El Salvador. That is why, with great joy, I have joined the Fraternity. It is not to make a new com­mit­ment as much as it is to con­tinue and to tan­gibly express a com­mit­ment I have already made in my heart, to beg God’s grace that I may lov­ingly approach each friend, new or old, inten­tion­ally and com­pas­sion­ately at work, in my family and in the secu­rity line at the air­port ... Everywhere!"

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