• December 17, 2013

November: homework, finals and wonderful encounters!

By Jordan Loe, Volunteer in Spokane

By the time Thanksgiving comes around, many stu­dents feel over­worked and ready for a break. They are tired of their studies and need some time to simply be with family. Heart’s Home St. Ignatius decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner at our house to wel­come all of the stu­dents who might be unable to go home and have this expe­ri­ence. We extended an open invi­ta­tion to the com­mu­nity, expecting a large group of people. However, we found that when the day arrived and the turkey had been cooked, only a handful of our closest friends came. At first, we were a little sur­prised; we had hoped that many would attend, espe­cially those who were rel­a­tively unfa­miliar with our home. We thought that the dinner would bring us some new friends who could dis­cover the love and warmth that Heart’s Home has to offer. However, when we were sur­rounded by the same familiar faces that often pray, eat, and laugh with us, we real­ized that those that had come were exactly they who needed to be with us at that time: they are our family!

Sometimes it is easy to forget that the friends that we see all of the time are an essen­tial part of our life. Surely, we desire to invite new people to our home so that they can share in our com­mu­nity. We have to remind our­selves, though, what Heart’s Home truly means: a place where people who are lonely can go to find friends who wel­come them always and love them like family. We expe­ri­ence their sor­rows and their jubi­la­tion with them, and we remind them that they are not alone. As we prayed together after dinner and shared what made us most thankful, we real­ized that these close friends are the ones who have found Christ’s love through our home and have returned again and again so that they might con­tin­u­ally expe­ri­ence that love. They are why we do what we do each day; they are our family.

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