• February 26, 2015

No Sacrifice is Too Great

Philippines 2014

Excerpts from Cardinal O’Malley’s homily deliv­ered at the March for Life Vigil Mass cel­e­brated at the Basilica of the immac­u­late Conception in Washignton D.C. Jan. 21.

The Holy Father warns us in Evangelii Gaudium about the glob­al­iza­tion of indif­fer­ence. He says, “Al­most without being aware of it, we end up being inca­pable of feeling com­pas­sion at the outcry of the poor as though they were someone else’s respon­si­bility and not our own.”

Indifference is our greatest enemy. We see the anti­dote in today’s Gospel. The Lord looks at the con­fused young man, and St. Marks writes: “And he loved him.” The con­fused young man went away sad because he did not realize how much the Lord loved him. Had he even sus­pected I am sure he would have given the money away gladly, but in his inse­cu­rity and fear, he leaves. He goes away sad.

Christ has given us the for­mula for joy in the Gospel. We must learn to look on people with love. An atti­tude of judg­mental self righ­teous­ness is not going to change peo­ples’ atti­tudes. We need to be the field hos­pital not Judge Judy. We need to be the mer­ciful face of Christ. To change people’s hearts we need the wit­ness of our love and our joy. To evan­ge­lize is to be a mes­senger of joy, of good news.

We must direct our love and atten­tion to wherever life is most threat­ened and show by our atti­tudes, words and actions that life is pre­cious. We must work tire­lessly to change the unjust laws, but we must work even harder to change hearts, to build a civ­i­liza­tion of love.

The rich young man left in dis­cour­age­ment because what Christ asked of him was dif­fi­cult. The chal­lenges we face are great and dis­cour­age­ment is our greatest enemy. But know that Jesus is looking on us with love, His love should ener­gize and unite us. No sac­ri­fice is too great, we must not count the cost, but press on with the full assur­ance that we shall over­come.

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