• February 15, 2012

News from the ICCC: One More Built!

by Guillaume de Laage, Heart’s Home Seminarian

It has now been more than two months since our group of vol­un­teers and con­se­crated mem­bers of Heart’s Home has joined the ICCC com­mu­nity to take part in the pro­gress of the con­struc­tion work as well as in the com­mu­nity’s spirit and gaze. Week after week, car­pentry, plumbing, sinks, drains, walls, roof, win­dows and elec­tricity became an inte­gral part of our daily schedule as much as metha­physics, reality, being, causes, Mariology and con­scious­ness!

This winter has been wit­ness to the birth of a new building: a Game Room, whose pur­pose is to wel­come groups of people for a day of meeting, retreat, etc. and also to offer to all those who would visit the ICCC a place for relax­ation and enter­tain­ment. Great has been the joy of these “con­struc­tors” to see each day the building take shape and even­tu­ally become the place where their meta­phys­ical morning studies became con­crete; indeed, nothing is better than con­tem­plating the “re­sis­tance of the mate­rial” in a plank siding which is crooked!

Also, this year, a young vol­un­teer from Czech Republic has put his earth­work skills into cleaning up a part of the prop­erty. Indeed the work car­ried out during the past few years chan­neled water, causing a part of the forest to be flooded. Now, the problem has been fixed as evac­u­a­tion of water is allowed by a piping system and stream.

One more building is com­plete at the ICCC! And together with it, there came laughter, joy and beauty, studies and fatigue, all of which allowed us to expe­ri­ence a new kind of humanity!

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